Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle's The Beauty Project: A Journey to the Best Version of You


Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle has chosen to fulfill a person’s dream to look good and feel even better by embarking on a life changing transformation through The Beauty Project.

With the holiday season, Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle emerged in a spiritual gift giving by launching The Beauty Project, an online campaign where people can submit their beauty goals along with a photo on its official website and set the chance to win a 3-month beauty program worth Php 200,000. The Beauty Project aims to provide inspiration with its natural solution, enhancing features and enabling you to enjoy the best that life has to offer. 

From a pool of more than 250 participants and numerous deliberations, Vietura’s Team of Experts has made their decision as to whom they will grant the elusive beauty program.  

Leading Vietura’s Team of Experts is Dr. Mary Jane “MJ” Torres, Vietura’s Chief Medical Practitioner who, along with team of specialist guided Rodelyn through every step and every procedure. They are her trusted companions as she took her journey towards discovering the best ‘You’ she can possibly be. 









Ms. Rodelyn Reyes was among the hopeful participants of Vietura’s campaign. Her beauty goal focused around the idea of ageing gracefully. 

“Having turned 40 this year, my beauty goal is to be able to deal with age-related insecurities brought about by skin imperfections. My most fervent wish is to have the perfect opportunity to erase the signs of aging, spider veins and all, and that could only be through safe yet effective and yes, non-invasive treatment/procedure. Being in their 40's doesn't mean women should stop feeling beautiful and confident. 40's is the new 30's and that's how I want to look and feel, young and vibrant.”

Rodelyn underwent a series of treatments-programs that aimed to give her the complexion that exudes a vibrant and youthful glow. Vietura starts off her transformation by enhancing her features with Skin Intensive Program (Facial Skin Spa, Micro-exfoliation, Carboxy Facial, Resolift).

Also part of Rodelyn’s transformation is the Anti-Aging Program (Botox, Platelet Rich Plasma, Power Cell Lift, Fillers) that smoothened out lines and even deep wrinkles on the eyes area removing years in a quick and natural way. 

The Schlerotherapy also diminished her varicose veins with minimal discomfort in comparison to an invasive varicose vein surgery. Rodelyn then used Dermapoint for Stretchmarks and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) for Hair Removal (Upper Lip). And to enhance her beauty regimen and maintain her rejuvenated features, she was advised to use Vietura Products such as Whitening Soap and Sun block Gel and Dermaheal products such as Super Brightening Cream and Dark Circle Serum. 

In a short amount of time, Vietura was able to give Rodelyn Reyes a whole new look and a better outlook in life.