whitening scrub and mask

a rejuvenating treatments that uses a combination of dead sea salt and essential oils, the whitening scrub and mask exfoliates dead and rough skin leaving  you with healthy silky and smooth complexion


micro-chemical peel

a microdermabrasion treatment using diamond tip wands to treat skin minor acne scar and pigmentation 

deep chemical peel

a cleansing treatment that scrubs away dead skin on the surface leaving you with younger, smoother skin


an alternative treatment to diamond tipped wands, microdermabrasion  revives collagen growth and erases minor acne scars and pigmentation with zero downtime.

soften fine lines enhance hydration and stimulates collagen production, the treatment uses fruit acids causing the ouer layer of the skin to peel off revealing soft, smooth and radiant skin


Dermapoint for stretch marks, wrinkles scars or uneven pitted skin using skin needling technique that enhance collagen and elastin levels 

Platelet rich plasma for stretch marks

a treatment that injects platelet derived growth to lessen unsightly stretch marks.

ultraslim tight for cellulite

combines infrared technology, radio frequency and endermology to melt down fat and even out the skin tone.


tighten skin and enjoy smoother complexion with a treatment that feature the use of electrodes. 

laser treatment for veins

using a high-intensity pulse light varicose veins are treated by applying laser heat which targets and seals the vein


an hour to hour and half long treatment that addresses using spider veins and varicose veins

non-surgical body sculpting treatments


a treatment that uses electrode to help dissolve fat and tighten skin


presents cavitation technology to break down fat, shape and contour target areas to your desired physique


sculpts and contours target areas where excess fat are stored such as your abdomen, thighs, legs, triceps and back. 


freezer fat cells and progressively breaking down fat and eliminating them for a shapelier you

ultraslim tight

combines infrared technology , radio out frequency and endermology to melt fat, even out skin tone and tighten skin.

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art"

Ralph Waldo Emerson